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Meagan Rothschild, PhD

Ethical and personable research, design, and strategy leader who utilizes a human-centered design approach to achieve business goals. Skilled at engaging with members of a product or learning ecosystem to generate targeted insights, priorities, and strategies for design, product growth, and advocacy.    

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This is me.

I am an educational technology leader who uses a variety of human-centered approaches to engage and delight learners as well as achieve business goals.

By meaningfully engaging with all members of a product or learning ecosystem, I successfully lead efforts to generate targeted insights, priorities, and strategy for development, implementation, and advocacy. 

My work in educational technology, particularly in product development and research, spans the last twenty years. I have provided leadership across a range of educational products which include both formal and informal educational settings, serving as a key cross-functional partner with not-for-profit organizations, DOE- and IARPA-funded grant projects, academic research labs, independent development studio consulting, and in larger industry organizations.  I most recently held the role of Vice President of Design Research and Consumer Insights at Age of Learning, Inc., the company behind educational technology products ABCmouse, My Math Academy, My Reading Academy, ReadingIQ, and Adventure Academy.

My focus on meaningful participation as a central user experience goal provides a foundation for product development that is responsive to the contexts and needs of any population. Given the current contexts of national and international education, I feel an increased urgency to reshape the ways we meet learner needs. Products designed to elicit meaningful participation are poised to push back against traditional narratives of learner engagement, moving toward the creation of new spaces where learners utilize tech tools as bridges between current and potential experiences, skillsets, and identities.

I am and will always be an educator at heart.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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