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Harness the power of experience design for good

Magic can happen for ourselves and those around us when we play, design, and learn.


Fred Rogers declared play the work of childhood. But play is important for everyone, regardless of a person's age.

Play can stimulate the imagination, awaken creativity, support problem-solving, and open doors for empathy and identity development.

How have you made play part of your processes?


Whether product, service, or system, the heart of each touch point and interaction does not reside in quality content alone, but also in design. Design is the intentional organization of resources to achieve a goal. 


Designs communicate purpose, values, and intent. 

What do your designs communicate?


Learning is more than school and training. While theorists continue to add layers of nuance to the definition, learning is​ at its core the act of engaging with and applying new information through a variety of experiences. The richest learning is active, social, and meaningful.

How do you create spaces for diverse learners to engage in powerful meaning-making?

Prioritizing a thoughtful approach to  to learner engagement and experience design makes good business sense.


Are you planning and designing new systems for learning? Or working to improve existing systems?

Are you figuring out how to differentiate yourself in a saturated edtech market? 

Are you building cross-functional teams of researchers, designers, and data decision-makers?

Are you grappling with ways to include end users throughout your development processes?

Could your organization benefit from updated professional learning strategies?

We can help you make your products & experiences great through:

  • Design Research & Consumer Insights

  • Product Engagement Strategy

  • Learning Experience Design (LXD)

  • Educational Game Design

  • Team Advising and Mentorship

  • Program Development & Evaluation

  • Personalized Guest Speaking/Professional Development Training


We use a backward-mapping approach, beginning with the end in mind to map a strategy that takes you from where you are to where you'd like to be. Whether designing for young learners, seasoned professionals, or anyone in between, we're ready to help you tackle complex organizational goals. 


"As my own mentor and leader, Meagan was able to understand me, where I was coming from, my stage in my career, and my intellectual identity, and provide me with all the supports I needed to grow from an incoming contractor to the head of the department."

Robert K.,
Associate Director of Research


"Thanks to Meagan, our teams now witness the joy of features they built on a child’s face and continue to learn directly from kids how we can better help them have fun while learning... With a child’s energy, drive, passion, and curiosity, Meagan always brings a fresh, educated, empathetic perspective and joy to any work she does."

Katrina N.,
Design Manager


"I was pleased to work with Meagan. She served as our Instructional and Game Designer, a position that still is very peculiar since it requires extensive knowledge of pedagogy, curriculum, game design, and educational research. Meagan brought all those skills to the table and more."

Javier E.,
Production Manager

Are you ready to connect learning, engagement, and impact? Let's talk!

Thanks for reaching out!

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